The Cases We Have Tried

The following are just some of the cases attorney Robert Duffee of Duffee Law Firm, LLC, has tried. Contact our office to learn more.

Georgia Insurance Company Defense Lawsuit

Homeowners Insurance Case:

A Georgia couple suffered fire damage to their property and filed a homeowner's insurance claim in June 2006. Despite several requests, the homeowners received no response from the insurance company regarding the acceptance or denial of their claim. After suffering a year of delays and living in a property damaged by fire, the homeowners turned to Duffee Law Firm. We promptly filed suit against the insurance company and eventually had to try the case before a federal jury, which found in favor of our clients. The insurance company appealed the court's decision.

We immediately responded to the appeal by scrutinizing the homeowner's insurance coverage contract and identifying areas where the insurance company's actions conflicted with Georgia law. Our skill at building an aggressive legal strategy combined with comprehensive knowledge of state law resulted in the denial of the insurance company's appeal.

Georgia Drug Possession And Distribution Charges

Drug Charges Dropped:

We have had cases involving police searches where illegal substances were discovered. Robert Duffee identified weaknesses in the state's case. As a result, charges against our clients were dropped.

Georgia DUI Charges

Case Pending:

Exact details of this case cannot be released because it is pending.

Duffee Law Firm has requested but not yet received all of the evidence necessary to support the state's charges against our client. If the client had not consulted Duffee Law Firm, he or she may not have been aware that some of the factors in this case are questionable and may be grounds for a dismissal of the charges.

A Small Firm That Can Handle Big Challenges

The legal team at Duffee Law Firm regularly challenges the state to produce evidence supporting the charges filed against our clients and we review every aspect of evidence gathering, processing and storing to determine if it is admissible in court. Our job is to ensure proper procedure has been followed and to push back when conditions are questionable.

We are dedicated to your defense.

Duffee Law Firm is located in Carrollton, Georgia, but our clients come from all over the country. Since 1996, Robert Duffee has represented hundreds of clients with a wide range of legal issues.

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