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A workers' comp benefits denial is not the end of the road

The vast majority of Georgia residents are good, hardworking people. Their jobs may not always pay well and they may wind up in hazardous working conditions at times, but they do the best they can for themselves, their families and their employers. When hurt on the job, they expect their work comp benefits to be there to get them through it -- medically and financially. Unfortunately, some find their claims denied and feel they are out of luck.

Retaliation for exercising your rights as an employee is illegal

As an employee in Georgia, you have certain rights. These include the right to a reasonably safe workplace, the right to seek workers' compensation in the event of a workplace injury and the right to safety training for your job. Your employer cannot prevent you from exercising these rights, and he or she cannot punish you for it.

The serious nature of underage drinking and driving in Georgia

Drinking and driving is a serious criminal offense that can bring significant penalties if convicted. Even a first-time offense can lead to consequences that can impact many areas of a person's life. The penalties and consequences of a DUI can be just as impactful for a person under the age of 21.

How can I know if I am eligible for workers' compensation?

When a Georgia worker experiences an injury in a workplace accident, he or she could experience great difficulty securing financial support through workers' compensation insurance. Despite the fact that this type of insurance coverage exists for the benefit of injured workers, you may be surprised to learn that not every worker is eligible for these benefits.

Students may learn difficult lessons about alcohol

By now, your freshman son or daughter has settled into a routine at the University of West Georgia or another fine institution. Maybe the calls home are coming less frequently, and your child's conversations are including the names of new friends more often. It's a relief, but you likely still have concerns about your child's well-being.

Repetitive stress injuries and the right to workers' compensation

You know that Georgia workers who suffer an injury on the job are eligible for certain benefits through their employer's workers' compensation insurance. What you may not know is that these benefits could also extend to people who develop work-related injuries over time, ultimately ending up with a condition that impacts their ability to work.

You may still suffer injury at your low-risk job

Your workplace injury may have been obvious, such as a fall, cut or burn. On the other hand, maybe you woke up one morning with such pain in your hands or back that it was difficult to get yourself ready for work. It may have even taken you a while to realize the pain was from something that happened on the job.

What is driving under the influence?

Driving under the influence is a term every driver has heard. It has been brought to your attention in one form or another. When you got your license, you learned about blood alcohol content levels. In the movies you see awkward field sobriety tests performed on roadsides. You know what a Breathalyzer test is, even if you’ve never used the machine. The lesson is to avoid drinking and driving.


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