Helping You Move Forward After An Accident Or Arrest

Fighting to get better after an accident in the workplace

by | May 4, 2018 | Firm News

Georgia workers know that an accident in the workplace can have devastating consequences. It can be difficult to manage the injuries and the expenses associated with a work accident, but there are ways you can secure financial support. Workers’ compensation benefits exist for the support and care of people hurt at work or due to occupational illness.

Workers’ compensation benefits cover your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages, and you can even seek support as you work to get better and move forward after an accident. There are rehabilitation benefits available to you that can help you prepare to re-enter the workforce after suffering a serious injury.

What do you need to get back to work?

Every case is different, and your injuries may be such that they prevent you from getting better quickly and easily. In fact, you may not be able to return to the same job you had before your accident or you may need certain accommodations to get back to work. Some of the specific benefits you may be eligible to receive include the following:

  • Helping preparing your resume and working on interview skills if you need to find a new job
  • Job market assessment and help identifying potential employment opportunities
  • Help with understanding accommodations that may be available to you and your rights as a disabled individual
  • Education support and tuition payments if you need to go back to school to get new employment 

The rehabilitation benefits to which you may have a claim depend on the details of your individual situation. These depend on your injuries, your physical abilities, the type of job you had and other factors.

Workers’ compensation benefits are for your support as you work to get better and get back to work. This is not always a quick or easy process, and it can be helpful to seek a full understanding of your rights. 

Where should I start?

You may feel unsure of where to begin with seeking the workers’ compensation benefits you need. Many injured workers find it beneficial to start with a case evaluation. This simple step can provide you with a thorough explanation of how you can protect your interests.

Injured workers have rights, and you can take certain steps to protect those rights. You would be wise to fight for the full amount of compensation and support you need after a work accident, including various types of rehabilitation benefits.