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Some people think that severe punishment is handed down only in serious cases such as murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping and sexual abuse. The reality is you could be facing similar penalties if you are convicted of fraud, theft or stalking.

Even first-time offenders should not assume they will receive a light sentence or community service. A criminal conviction could result in a fine of thousands of dollars, incarceration and/or loss of driving privileges, child custody, financial aid and the right to vote or carry a gun.

Below you will find a brief definition and examples of criminal cases, but your case is unique and you deserve the kind of personal attention we’ve given our clients over the years.

Contact Carrollton criminal defense attorney Robert Duffee for a free initial consultation. We will evaluate your case and determine if a reduction or dismissal of charges is possible due to the circumstances of the incident. A reduction could mean the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor — charges that have very different sentences.

Reducing The Consequences Arising From Violent Crime Charges

Violent crimes are defined in terms of degrees. For example, the definition of murder is not just killing someone. There are many circumstances that may apply to the crime, as well as the punishment. A few examples would be cases involving self-defense, malice or premeditation, and whether the death was caused during the commission of a felony.

Violent crime charges carry very serious consequences. You need a skilled lawyer to defend your legal rights.

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Cases Tried Under The Georgia Domestic Violence Act

Assault, battery, stalking and violation of restraining orders are just a few of the criminal charges that are covered under the Domestic Violence Act. Damage to property, trespassing and confining or detaining a person are additional acts that can lead to criminal charges.

Contesting Fraud Charges

False statements, actions or deceptive activity such as credit card fraud, tax fraud, health care fraud and mail fraud are some of the most common forms of fraud. This charge also applies in cases of money laundering and identity theft.

Defending Against A Wide Range Of Theft Charges

Duffee Law Firm, LLC, provides representation regarding a wide variety of theft charges, including:

  • Theft by shoplifting: Leaving a store after hiding items under clothing or in personal belongings, altering price tags or transferring tags from one item to another, removing items from one container and placing them in another container or causing the wrong price to be charged
  • Theft by taking: Taking or possessing the property of another person with the intent to deprive him or her of his or her property
  • Theft of services: Receiving a service, accommodation or entertainment with no intention of paying for it
  • Theft by deception: Obtaining something that does not belong to you by deceitful means or accepting payment for something you know will not be done
  • Theft by conversion: Using someone’s money for your own purposes, not the way the other person intended
  • Theft of lost or mislaid property: Finding something you know or learn was lost or mislaid by another person and not attempting to return it to its rightful owner
  • Theft by receiving stolen property: Receiving, disposing of or retaining property that you know (or should know) is stolen

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