Helping You Move Forward After An Accident Or Arrest

Taking Action Against Violent Crime Convictions

The consequence of a violent crime conviction could be a substantial number of years in prison. Duffee Law Firm, LLC, in Carrollton is here to pursue (acquittal (if tried), charge dismissal, lesser charges and reduced sentencing so you can move on with your life. We take pride in building defense cases, and we have developed a reputation for litigation success. We take on violent crime cases such as:

Many of these crime convictions carry years, if not decades in prison.

A Tough Defender With Compassion

Our firm’s criminal defense attorney, Robert Duffee, is as compassionate to his clients’ circumstances as he is zealous in the courtroom in their defense. We always treat clients with respect and act in their best interests.

Telling Your Story

There are two sides to every story, and we are here to tell your side. Our firm aims to develop a case strategy informed by your account of events leading up to your violent crime charge. We investigate circumstances, evidence and the actions during the incident to pursue a dismissal or reduction of your charges.

Take Action Today

When you are accused of a violent crime, there is no time to lose in getting legal representation to take on your case. Give Duffee Law Firm a call today at 770-884-6402 to schedule a free initial appointment to discuss your situation. We are also available via email.