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Taking A Stand Against Domestic Violence Charges

Difficult interpersonal situations become complicated at a moment’s notice. It can be confusing and maybe even frightening to discover that you are accused of domestic violence. There is much to lose because of our state’s laws surrounding domestic violence convictions. At Duffee Law Firm, LLC, we help those who face accusations of domestic violence oppose their charges.

What The Law Covers

Georgia’s Family Violence Act protects individuals who are or were in a partnership or marital relationship, and who reside or used to live in the same household, as well as:

  • Members of foster families
  • Parents and their children
  • Stepparents and their stepchildren

From various types of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

A Different Type Of Charge

When law enforcement gets called because of an allegation of domestic violence, things get serious very quickly. Domestic violence is different than other types of criminal charges. Just being accused of it means immediate consequences. These include a likely arrest and the issue of a protective order against you.

Advocating For Your Best Interests

A protective or restraining order, whether it is temporary or long term, can get issued quickly. It can immediately make it illegal to:

  • Contact the other party to the alleged violence
  • To live in your home and see your children
  • Possess firearms

It is crucial not to violate a protective order while it is in effect or you could get arrested for an additional crime. This can happen even if the other person does not want to press charges. Attorney Robert Duffee can explain the law to you and what you need to do to stay out of further trouble.

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