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How Will My Workers’ Compensation Case Be Valued?

Georgia law governs workers’ compensation payments. The purpose of such laws is to make certain victims receive adequate compensation for injuries occurring on the job. The formula is complex, and that’s why having an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer on your side is beneficial.

Carrollton attorney Robert Duffee, of Duffee Law Firm, LLC, has been handling workers’ compensation cases for more than 20 years. He regularly provides workers’ compensation representation for injured workers throughout Georgia. He understands the process and knows the steps to take to obtain maximum compensation.

What Benefits Will I Receive

Georgia law entitles you as an injured worker to receive the following benefits:

  • Weekly income benefit
  • Compensation for medical care and expense
  • Continual payments for a permanent impairment
  • Vocational rehabilitation costs
  • Death benefits payable to eligible dependents

If you return to work but your job-related injury prevents you from earning the same amount of money you earned prior to your injury, you may receive an amount that will make up for the difference.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Operate?

Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation governs the amount of compensation you receive. Employers usually have insurance carriers to pay employees for their injuries or illnesses. So long as the injury is work-related, there is no reduction in benefits due to the fault of the worker.

However, the employer or carrier may feel the injury or illness is not work-related. They may also dispute the amount of the claim. In such instances, the matter will then go in front of a workers’ compensation law judge. The judge will determine whether the injury is job-related and the amount of money you are owed.

It is important to understand that your employer and workers’ compensation carrier may attempt to settle your case. Yet what they offer may not fully compensate you for your injuries. A good attorney will help you obtain adequate compensation for your injuries, and also help you in your decision to select the doctor of your choosing.

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