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Study drugs can have serious health and legal consequences

Going to college is often an event to which many young people look forward. A number of these individuals may be attending the University of West Georgia and living away from their parents for the first time. While this can certainly present an appealing sense of freedom to you, it also means that you may face temptations with which you have not previously had to contend.

While you may consider yourself a good student and do not find the idea of drinking at college parties appealing, you may still fall victim to a number of potential downfalls that college campuses can present. In particular, you may find yourself overwhelmed by your course loads, and the idea of falling behind in your classes may be unbearable. As a result, you may take a friend up on the offer of study drugs.

Have you been charged with a hit and run?

Everyone gets in a hurry from time to time. You may find yourself late for work or late for class if you are a student at the University of West Georgia and jump into your vehicle in hopes of making it just in time. Of course, getting in a hurry while behind the wheel of a vehicle could spell trouble.

When trying to get somewhere fast, you may find yourself cutting corners when it comes to safe driving. You may forget to check your blind spots or quickly back out of a parking space without looking. In such cases, you could easily end up colliding with another vehicle, possibly even an unoccupied, parked vehicle. Because you are in a hurry, it may cross your mind to simply drive off, especially if no major damage occurred.

How do I know if my injury is covered by workers' compensation?

An injury in your Georgia workplace can have a detrimental impact on your life. After your workplace accident, you could be dealing with serious injuries, expensive medical bills and uncertainty about what your future could look like. If you suffered an injury, you may find it beneficial to fully explore what types of benefits you could receive. 

The first step after a workplace accident is determining whether your employer's workers' compensation benefits will actually cover your injuries. Understanding your rights and your potential claim to benefits can better help you defend your interests. Whether or not you are certain you have a rightful claim, you always have the right to know your options.

Poultry workers continue to face significant hazards at work

Like many others in this part of Georgia, you may work for Gold Kist Farms. The work you do exposes you to numerous hazards every day. There was a time when those risks appeared to be much higher. Between 2004 and 2013, research indicated that the number of injuries associated with working in the poultry industry declined.

However, in the last couple of years, the Government Accounting Office discovered that the instances of injuries and illnesses among those who work in the poultry industry may remain higher than the data indicates. In fact, they remain higher than the overall illness and injury rates seen in manufacturing.

Fighting to get better after an accident in the workplace

Georgia workers know that an accident in the workplace can have devastating consequences. It can be difficult to manage the injuries and the expenses associated with a work accident, but there are ways you can secure financial support. Workers' compensation benefits exist for the support and care of people hurt at work or due to occupational illness.

Workers' compensation benefits cover your medical bills and a portion of your lost wages, and you can even seek support as you work to get better and move forward after an accident. There are rehabilitation benefits available to you that can help you prepare to re-enter the workforce after suffering a serious injury.

A workers' comp benefits denial is not the end of the road

The vast majority of Georgia residents are good, hardworking people. Their jobs may not always pay well and they may wind up in hazardous working conditions at times, but they do the best they can for themselves, their families and their employers. When hurt on the job, they expect their work comp benefits to be there to get them through it -- medically and financially. Unfortunately, some find their claims denied and feel they are out of luck.

When it comes to workers' compensation benefits, a claim denial is not necessarily the end of the road. You may still be able to get the coverage you need. It just may take time and require a little legal assistance.

Retaliation for exercising your rights as an employee is illegal

As an employee in Georgia, you have certain rights. These include the right to a reasonably safe workplace, the right to seek workers' compensation in the event of a workplace injury and the right to safety training for your job. Your employer cannot prevent you from exercising these rights, and he or she cannot punish you for it.

If you experienced retaliation because you filed a workers' compensation claim, you may have options. Your situation may feel overwhelming, but you generally have the right to speak up and fight back against such unfair treatment. You may be able to hold liable parties accountable for what you are experiencing, as well as recovery of any financial losses you incurred.

The serious nature of underage drinking and driving in Georgia

Drinking and driving is a serious criminal offense that can bring significant penalties if convicted. Even a first-time offense can lead to consequences that can impact many areas of a person's life. The penalties and consequences of a DUI can be just as impactful for a person under the age of 21.

If you are an underage college student in Georgia and face charges related to drinking and driving, you would be wise to take decisive action to protect your interests. There is much at stake, yet with the right help, it can be possible to effectively confront these charges.

Danger on the Georgia roadways

You have seen enough public service announcements and warnings to understand the dangers of texting and driving. Not only are you resolved to keep your precious passengers safe, you may also have an example to set for the future drivers in your car. That's why you make sure your cell phone is out of reach while you drive.

Like many who have made this pledge, you may be keenly aware of other drivers whose eyes are on their phones while they drive. However, recent studies have shown that cell phone use is dropping as the number one distraction for drivers. In fact, despite putting your phone away, you may be allowing dangerous distractions right before your eyes.

How can I know if I am eligible for workers' compensation?

When a Georgia worker experiences an injury in a workplace accident, he or she could experience great difficulty securing financial support through workers' compensation insurance. Despite the fact that this type of insurance coverage exists for the benefit of injured workers, you may be surprised to learn that not every worker is eligible for these benefits.

It is useful to know if you are eligible for benefits and what you should do in the event of a workplace accident. When you know your rights, you can better protect yourself and more effectively fight for the recovery you need and deserve. You are entitled to a complete explanation of your legal options and guidance as you seek your rightful benefits.


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