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Georgia even makes filmmakers buy workers' comp insurance

This August, it was reported that a Hollywood film production making a movie in Georgia was cited by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) after an accident on a movie set about 20 miles outside of Atlanta.

Although the entertainment industry in Georgia is a powerful and honored interest enjoying large investment and tax breaks, even it can be cited for Federal violations and must cover its workers with state worker's compensation insurance in case of work-related illnesses and injuries.

How underage drinking can affect your college child

Your child is now 18 and preparing for freshman year at college. Orientation is complete, textbooks have been purchased, and housing arrangements are being made. Soon your child will start making decisions in a freedom he or she may not have known until now. And with that freedom comes the choice to drink alcohol.

For the majority of attendees, drinking is part of the college experience. In a 2016 study, nearly 60% of college students 18 to 22 admitted to drinking in the past month. And nearly 40% admitted to binge drinking in the same period.

The help you need to get back to work

A work injury can be devastating. In addition to the physical injuries you may experience, you may also find that you are having trouble making ends meet and paying your medical bills. Workers' compensation benefits exist to help workers deal with these types of financial issues after a work accident.

If you experienced an injury on the job, you are likely eligible for these benefits. They will provide you with coverage of your medical bills, recompense for a portion of any lost wages and even help you get back to work. It is in your interests not to overlook any of the support available to you, ensuring you maximize the benefits you may be able to receive through your claim.

When a workers' compensation claim is denied, what can you do?

You work hard for your employer. When you suffered an injury in the workplace, you expected your employer to take care of you and to have your workers' compensation claim pushed through without a problem. Unfortunately, you have found that is not the case, and now you are trying to recover and cover the mounting expenses that are the direct result of your injury and your inability to work for the time being. What can you do?

Sadly, this is a situation that numerous Georgia residents have found themselves in. Luckily, a workers' comp claim denial is not the end of the world. There may be a way to access your benefits still. It will just take some extra work.

Fatal falls still rank high in construction trade

In your job as a construction worker, you have likely seen many accidents and injuries. Perhaps you have suffered an injury that required stitches or crutches, and it may have reminded you for a time of the importance of using the appropriate safety gear and giving your full attention to the task in front of you.

The most terrifying accident to witness may be when a co-worker falls from a height. While not the most common accident in the construction industry, falls result in more fatalities than most other workplace incidents. Because of this, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates numerous protocols for preventing fall accidents. Nevertheless, OSHA investigations for recent years led to more citations for fall protection than any other violation.

Why was my workers' comp claim denied?

Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, retail or some other industry, you count on workers' compensation to cover you if you are injured on the job. Additionally, workers' comp covers treatment for medical conditions that develop as a result of your work, such as carpal tunnel.

Since illness or injury often results in lost wages, medical bills and other expenses, you depend on the law that requires your employer to provide you with this coverage. However, since workers' compensation comes through insurance companies, you may not always have a guarantee that the insurer will accept your claim, and this may leave you in a very bad financial situation.

Charged with theft? Know what you are up against

Facing criminal charges in Georgia is daunting, especially if you are unsure of the nature of these charges and need to understand what they could mean for your future. Many people misunderstand theft charges, and as a result, they may not be certain how to build the right type of defense strategy. A strong and thoughtfully prepared defense is critical for your long-term interests.

Theft is the term used to describe the action of taking another person's property without his or her permission. There are varying degrees of theft, and some theft charges carry significant penalties. You may think these charges are not a big deal or that you can face them alone, but that is not a wise choice.

Could your arrest record qualify for record restriction?

Most people find themselves going through rough patches in their lives. They may act in negative ways, carry out harmful or destructive behaviors or even cut themselves off from people that they love. Unfortunately, these rough patches could lead to serious consequences in some cases, such as an arrest for a crime.

If you found yourself in this type of predicament, it may have been the wake-up call you needed to get your life back on track. Now, you avoid actions that could land you in trouble and do your best to live a positive life. However, you may wonder about the effects your criminal record will have on your life.

Do I need an attorney after my car accident?

A motor vehicle accident that left you with injuries may have also left you struggling to make ends meet. You likely relied on the insurance company to come through, but how do you know if the settlement the adjuster offers is fair? Will it cover all your medical bills? Do you even know the full extent of your injuries? What will you do if the insurance company denies your claim for reasons you cannot understand?

These questions and others are the reason why many seek professional help after a serious accident. When your future depends on whether you obtain a full and fair settlement or you feel there are others who should compensate you for your injuries, you may find that having a personal injury attorney on your side will open doors and widen paths on your road to recovery.

Is alcohol placing you at risk on your Georgia college campus?

Whether you have recently completed your first-ever semester on a Georgia college campus or you are now an upperclassman who is eagerly awaiting spring, when you finally walk the stage to receive your diploma, chances are that at some point, you have encountered personal challenges during your post-secondary academic career.  

If you are one of many college students whose problems have something to do with alcohol, you'll want to read this entire post as it may provide resources to help you get life back on track. Keep in mind that you are definitely not alone in your struggle; in fact, students who are in their first six weeks of freshman year are at greatest risk for trouble regarding binge drinking and other alcohol-related issues.  


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