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Retaliation for exercising your rights as an employee is illegal

As an employee in Georgia, you have certain rights. These include the right to a reasonably safe workplace, the right to seek workers' compensation in the event of a workplace injury and the right to safety training for your job. Your employer cannot prevent you from exercising these rights, and he or she cannot punish you for it.

If you experienced retaliation because you filed a workers' compensation claim, you may have options. Your situation may feel overwhelming, but you generally have the right to speak up and fight back against such unfair treatment. You may be able to hold liable parties accountable for what you are experiencing, as well as recovery of any financial losses you incurred.

The serious nature of underage drinking and driving in Georgia

Drinking and driving is a serious criminal offense that can bring significant penalties if convicted. Even a first-time offense can lead to consequences that can impact many areas of a person's life. The penalties and consequences of a DUI can be just as impactful for a person under the age of 21.

If you are an underage college student in Georgia and face charges related to drinking and driving, you would be wise to take decisive action to protect your interests. There is much at stake, yet with the right help, it can be possible to effectively confront these charges.

Danger on the Georgia roadways

You have seen enough public service announcements and warnings to understand the dangers of texting and driving. Not only are you resolved to keep your precious passengers safe, you may also have an example to set for the future drivers in your car. That's why you make sure your cell phone is out of reach while you drive.

Like many who have made this pledge, you may be keenly aware of other drivers whose eyes are on their phones while they drive. However, recent studies have shown that cell phone use is dropping as the number one distraction for drivers. In fact, despite putting your phone away, you may be allowing dangerous distractions right before your eyes.

How can I know if I am eligible for workers' compensation?

When a Georgia worker experiences an injury in a workplace accident, he or she could experience great difficulty securing financial support through workers' compensation insurance. Despite the fact that this type of insurance coverage exists for the benefit of injured workers, you may be surprised to learn that not every worker is eligible for these benefits.

It is useful to know if you are eligible for benefits and what you should do in the event of a workplace accident. When you know your rights, you can better protect yourself and more effectively fight for the recovery you need and deserve. You are entitled to a complete explanation of your legal options and guidance as you seek your rightful benefits.

Students may learn difficult lessons about alcohol

By now, your freshman son or daughter has settled into a routine at the University of West Georgia or another fine institution. Maybe the calls home are coming less frequently, and your child's conversations are including the names of new friends more often. It's a relief, but you likely still have concerns about your child's well-being.

One item of concern to many parents of college students is the heavy pressure to drink alcohol. While it is becoming clearer how dangerous that pressure can be to a college student's health, your child may also face risks with the law.

Repetitive stress injuries and the right to workers' compensation

You know that Georgia workers who suffer an injury on the job are eligible for certain benefits through their employer's workers' compensation insurance. What you may not know is that these benefits could also extend to people who develop work-related injuries over time, ultimately ending up with a condition that impacts their ability to work.

Repetitive stress injuries are one of the most common types of work-related injuries, and they are a valid reason to pursue a workers' compensation benefits claim. If you have a diagnosis of any type of repetitive stress injury, there is a significant chance that it is a result of your job. You would be wise to learn about your rights and options.

You may still suffer injury at your low-risk job

Your workplace injury may have been obvious, such as a fall, cut or burn. On the other hand, maybe you woke up one morning with such pain in your hands or back that it was difficult to get yourself ready for work. It may have even taken you a while to realize the pain was from something that happened on the job.

Workplace injuries affect nearly 3 million people a year, and not all of these take place at construction sites or manufacturing plants. In fact, someone working in an office may be just as likely to suffer an injury as someone welding I-beams 29 stories off the ground.

What is driving under the influence?

Driving under the influence is a term every driver has heard. It has been brought to your attention in one form or another. When you got your license, you learned about blood alcohol content levels. In the movies you see awkward field sobriety tests performed on roadsides. You know what a Breathalyzer test is, even if you’ve never used the machine. The lesson is to avoid drinking and driving.

The legal term driving under the influence is a little more complex. What exactly does it mean to drive under the influence? What constitutes influence under the law? These are questions that are a little tricky. The answers to them may surprise you.

What benefits are provided through Georgia workers' comp?

In matters of workers' compensation, the common expectation is that workers who are injured in the scope of employment are entitled to workers' comp benefits.

However, many workers in Georgia find it difficult to get all of the benefits to which they are entitled. Why? Because insurance companies and employers may stand in the way, or a simple mistake in the claims process may result in a reduction or denial of benefits.


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