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Covering someone’s long-term needs after a serious car crash

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2023 | Car Accidents

Sometimes, motor vehicle collisions only cause property damage or minor injuries. However, some collisions put people in the hospital and cause medical challenges that result in long-term or even lifelong consequences. Those coping with major injuries after a car crash may worry about how they will pay their bills and support their families. They often recognize that they need insurance to pay their bills.

However, they may not yet have a full understanding of what they require in order to offset the long-term impact of the collision. If an insurance adjuster offers them a settlement, they might accept. They might only realize years later that what they received from the insurance company simply wasn’t enough. At that point, they may not be in a position to ask for more from the insurance company or hold those that caused the crash responsible due to the state’s statute of limitations.

As a result, people often need to seek legal guidance if they hope to secure the appropriate amount of compensation that they’re due given their losses after a wreck that has resulted in long-term consequences.

Determining future losses can be a challenge

Someone who has never previously gone a long time without working or contemplated the expenses of a major injury might do themselves a real disservice by accepting a low settlement or failing to pursue a personal injury lawsuit after a crash. People may not understand how expensive car crash injuries can be. For example, the cost to treat a traumatic brain injury will continue accruing each year and will add up to tens of thousands, if not ultimately millions of dollars. People may only look at current medical expenses and may fail to consider the often staggering costs of lifetime medical care.

Beyond that, they need to consider lost wages or lost earning potential if they have to move into a lower-paid job because of their injury. There may be household services that they can no longer perform or changes that they need to make it through their home and transportation because of their functional limitations.

Individuals who have been hurt in a crash can generally benefit from legal guidance when trying to determine how much the collision will cost them and their families. They may also find it prohibitively challenging to try to handle insurance matters or a personal injury lawsuit alone. Getting support while adjusting to life with a major injury caused by a car crash can help people to hold the right parties financially accountable for the harm they have suffered.