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When a party at the University of West Georgia leads to a DUI

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | DUI

Maybe a young adult drives to a party and then realizes they can’t drive home. They get woken up hours later when an officer knocks on the window of their vehicle, and they get arrested for driving under the influence. Some young adults will make the mistake of trying to get themselves in their vehicles back home after a party or an outing with friends. Zero-tolerance laws mean they could face a driving under the influence (DUI) without feeling drunk at all.

A DUI charge can be a devastating experience for someone enrolled at the University of West Georgia. Pleading guilty to a DUI offense could lead to jail time, fines that diminish a college student’s already limited resources and the loss of someone’s driver’s license.

The school might also take punitive actions related to extracurricular activities like sports, financial aid or even enrollment. Fighting a DUI may be crucial for a college student’s continued success.

Students often need support to fight criminal charges

College students are in a transitional stage of life. Although they are legally adults, their brains have not yet finished maturing. They may not know what they want to do with their lives nor have much understanding of the long-term consequences of certain decisions.

They are also often financially dependent on their parents still, especially when enrolled in college full-time. Students at the University of West Georgia may not have the resources to pay for a criminal defense attorney recognize in entering a guilty plea.

Parents of college students accused of drunk driving offenses are likely both worried and frustrated about the situation. No parent wants their child to do irresponsible and dangerous things at college, but they also don’t want to see their future completely changed because of a single mistake. Sometimes, families have to make difficult choices when a young adult faces DUI charges, such as taking away their vehicle or requiring that they move back home while they pursue their degree.

Parents are often the primary source of support when it responding to charges. They can encourage a young adult to think about the consequences of their plea and can help them cover the cost of securing an attorney to fight the accusations they face. No one expects that going to a party will lead to their arrest, but that is exactly what happens to a handful of students at the University of West Georgia and other nearby institutions every year.

Fighting back against DUI charges can help students learn from their mistakes and continue pursuing a bright future.