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Trucking accidents and motorcycle crashes can be much more serious due to the nature of each of these vehicles. Motorcycle riders have very little protection and are extremely vulnerable to injury. Trucks are usually much larger and more powerful than a standard automobile, which can increase the seriousness of any accident.

A Caring Legal Team With Experience

When you are dealing with catastrophic injuries or wrongful death because of a truck or motorcycle accident, you need a legal team with experience in recovering significant compensation for their clients. Duffee Law Firm, LLC, cares about your situation and is dedicated to providing the best case resolution possible.

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You need a knowledgeable lawyer who can help you deal with the legal, medical and emotional issues that occur after a traffic accident. For more than two decades, Carrollton truck accident attorney Robert Duffee has successfully tried and settled a wide range of accident cases involving trucks, tractor-trailers, RVs, boats, motorcycles and off-road vehicles of all types.

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