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Criminal charges can impact your financial aid options

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | College Student Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges can impact many areas of your life. If you’re counting on federal financial aid to pay for your college education, you might find that your financial aid options are limited when you have criminal convictions. There are several points that might impact what happens.

One of the most damaging types of criminal convictions that can affect your options is drug charges. If you were receiving federal financial aid when the crime occurred, you’ll likely lose your eligibility for a while. The terms for regaining eligibility are pretty strict, so you should find out what you can do to get the financial aid you need.

You can regain eligibility by passing two unannounced drug tests that are done by a drug rehabilitation program that’s approved or by completing the drug rehabilitation program. Contacting the financial aid office at your school can help you learn what you might qualify for.

Some sex-related offenses also mean you’ll be disqualified for federal financial aid. It might be possible to receive some aid in the form of nonfederal student loans or grants.

Another thing that might impact your eligibility is being placed on probation or parole. You can qualify for some aid during this time, but you might find that what you’re awarded is limited. The same is true if you’re incarcerated or in a halfway house.

The impact on your federal financial aid is one consideration you need to think about when you work on your defense strategy. Your attorney can help you find out if there are any options open that might minimize the impact the issue has on your financial aid eligibility.