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Georgia college students: You can defend against possession charges

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2020 | College Student Criminal Defense

College students face a lot of pressure as they work to improve their education. Sometimes, the pressure gets to be too much and may affect a person’s decision-making skills. Succumbing to the lure of study drugs (or others) is one bad decision that can impact your college education.

Instead of accepting what you may believe is your only fate – a conviction on drug charges – consider taking a proactive approach. Often, what seems to be the only outcome of a particular situation results in defendants giving up on building a good defense. If you immediately contact an attorney to work on your case, it may be possible to acquire a much better outcome than you initially thought.

Three effective defenses against college student drug charges

While there may be even more potential defenses in your case, here are three common defenses to drug crimes:

  1. Faulty lab analysis:  Before prosecutors can build a strong case against you, the alleged drugs must be analyzed by experts. Sometimes, the analysis may be incorrect or the substance in question may be contaminated, both of which can lead to your continued freedom and clean record.
  2. Actual innocence: For example, if the drugs in question belonged to someone else, you and your lawyer can search for evidence that could prove your innocence and preserve your status as a college student.
  3. Illegal search and seizure: Police officers must follow the rules like everyone else. If they make a mistake during the search and arrest process, it could result in a dismissal of your case.

In summary, it is never wise to sit back and accept a conviction on college student drug charges. Fighting to protect your freedom and your education, often yields positive results, keeping the doors to your future wide open and full of promise. In areas like Carrollton, GA, that treat drug crimes harshly, a good defense is especially important.