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States with the biggest party schools: Where does Georgia rank?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | College Student Criminal Defense

College is a time for learning, forming the basis of a future career, meeting new people and discovering yourself. For many students, though, it’s also a time to socialize and attend parties, gatherings and events. As a parent, you know that your young student may be interested in these events, even if they tell you that they’re just studying and doing homework. Is Georgia a state well-known for college parties?

Unofficial rankings

Of course, there are no official rankings for this sort of thing, but many websites poll students and find out what the nightlife generally looks like. When they were asked about the biggest party schools, one of these lists ranked Georgia No. 6 overall. That is the university, not the state, but it does show that college students in the state expect to party and do their fair share of it.

After all, not everyone at these parties is from that school. Your son or daughter could certainly go to the University of West Georgia and then spend time visiting friends at a bigger school. If so, partying is even more likely because students often want to show friends a good time when they’re in town.

Will they get arrested?

For you, the biggest question may be whether or not your child will run into legal trouble. It could happen. Students at West Georgia did not describe the police as overbearing, but they did say that their presence was notable. They’re around, they understand the types of gatherings that students often engage in, and they will make arrests if they think that illegal activity — like drug use or underage drinking — is taking place.

If something does happen and your child gets arrested, you need to know what legal options you have to protect their future.