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3 steps you should take after a serious motor vehicle collision

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2021 | Car Accidents

Car crashes are disruptive, traumatic events. They can make it hard for you to think logically and plan what you need to do to care for yourself and the other people in your vehicle.

Knowing before you get into a crash the most appropriate way to respond to one can help you take all of the necessary steps to protect yourself in a situation where you will have a lot of risks.

What actions are most important for your protection after a collision with another vehicle?

Call for help, and get insurance information from the other driver

Calling for the police and medical transportation should be one of your first steps. Once you know that you and your passengers are safe, the next step you need to take will involve interacting with the other driver. If they caused the crash, their insurance policy will be the one that pays for your property damage and medical costs. Getting their identifying information and insurance policy details will make it easier for you to file a claim once you know all the consequences of the crash.

Seek medical evaluation for anyone physically injured

Whether you have physically obvious injuries or just feel overall body pain, seeing a physician as soon as possible after a car crash is important. First of all, a doctor can evaluate you for potentially deadly injuries like internal bleeding or brain injuries. The sooner you receive a diagnosis and treatment, the better your chances of a full recovery.

Seeing a doctor also helps by creating a record of the injury as a condition related to the crash. That will make it a lot harder for the other driver or their insurance carrier to claim that the condition was pre-existing or occurred after the collision.

Talk to a lawyer before you talk to the insurance company

Insurance providers make money by collecting more in premiums than they pay out in claims. That means the adjuster assigned to your case has a strong incentive to minimize what they pay out on your claim.

Insurance companies may try to trick you into implicating yourself or lie to you about what coverage is available to you. Talking to an attorney about your rights and the likely long-term expenses from your injuries can help protect you against inappropriate insurance practices that might leave you with financial losses after a crash.

Knowing what steps to take right after a motor vehicle wreck will improve your chances of getting the support and compensation you deserve.