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Inaccurate assault accusations against college students

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2020 | College Student Criminal Defense

The freedom of college life can be amazing for students — but there are plenty of perils in the wider world that young people don’t realize are there, including false allegations. College students can be falsely accused of many things. One of these is assault, which is a serious accusation because it is considered a violent crime.

For these young adults, answering the accusations is a challenging matter. They’re trying to navigate the new college life and now they’re dealing with something that can have a dramatic life-changing impact.

The priority for these students must be finding a suitable defense against the accusations they’re facing. The defense has to take into consideration not only any potential criminal charges that might be pending but also any disciplinary action from the school.

What kinds of consequences come with an assault conviction?

The legal consequences a person faces for these charges vary greatly depending on the type of assault. Typically, imprisonment, fines, probation and similar penalties are all possible. The potential penalties must be considered when the person is trying to determine a defense strategy. 

Why shouldn’t you wait to look for an experienced defense attorney?

Accusations of assault can ruin a young person’s reputation and damage their future prospects in life, even if the accusations are false and unfounded. 

A student can’t just ignore these accusations and hope they will somehow go away. An early consultation with a defense attorney can protect a student’s legal rights and keep the situation from escalating even further. Find out more about our services by continuing to explore our site or contact us directly.