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Drinking underage? It could lead to trouble

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | College Student Criminal Defense

You and your friends participated in Greek Week, so you were hoping to get into a sorority. You were all interested in the parties and events held by the local sorority, but what you didn’t realize is that there would be a lot of alcohol involved.

To try to fit in, your group had a few drinks, and one of you went as far as to lie to the host and say you were over 21. That lie came back to haunt you later as an officer stopped you and your friends on the way home. The friend who was driving was intoxicated, as was everyone else in the vehicle. On top of that, you were all underage.

A DUI charge, or any kind of charge involving alcohol, can have serious and lasting consequences for underage college students. Some of the potential penalties could include:

  • Losing scholarships
  • Losing financial aid
  • Being suspended from the university
  • Having your immigration status threatened if you’re not a citizen or permanent resident

As you can see, just these penalties alone are enough to worry you. However, there are also the legal implications of a DUI or underage drinking charge. You could face fines, possible jail sentences and other penalties that are disruptive to your schooling, job or other parts of your life.

What do you need to do if you or your child has been accused of underage drinking or drunk driving?

If your child is facing any kind of charges following an arrest, it’s necessary to help them through appropriate legal support. Everyone makes mistakes, and it’s important that they are treated fairly, especially if this is a first offense.