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What happens with your college enrollment and student aid if you face drug charges?

| Jan 18, 2021 | College Student Criminal Defense

You likely worked hard to get into the University of West Georgia. You wouldn’t want to do anything to put your admission and future career in jeopardy. A conviction on record for a drug offense could put your ability to remain enrolled in college and receive any financial aid on the line, though.

What will your school do if they find out that you’re facing criminal charges?

Many higher education institutions have institutional conduct policies requiring students to notify their public safety office of arrests or convictions for specific offenses. They may suspend your enrollment pending the outcome of your case. They may also expel you if a judge or jury convicts you of a crime. You may lose any financial aid, including loans, grants, scholarships or work-study opportunities, as a result.

Can you receive student aid if you’re facing drug charges?

The federal government awards the bulk of the loans and grants that so many students rely on to afford to attend college. Federal officials may immediately suspend your eligibility for loans if you get convicted of a drug crime. The court may even order you to repay any funds you received to attend school during the same term that you allegedly committed your crime. You may be able to ultimately regain eligibility for aid after serving your sentence and completing a drug treatment program, but there’s no guarantee that this will occur.

Incarceration may affect your ability to qualify for student loans and Pell grants. Convicts may be eligible for the latter if they end up incarcerated, but only if they don’t end up in a state or a federal-run facility. Work-study opportunities may be available to convicts, yet they may be in limited supply.

You may be able to continue receiving student financial aid if you’re on probation or parole, depending on the nature of the charges on your record.

What you should know if you’re a student facing criminal charges

If you’re in college here in Carrollton, you’re probably here because you want to do big things with your life. You likely don’t want anything to sidetrack that. A college student facing drug charges needs a criminal defense attorney who can advise them of the potential penalties they face in their Georgia case to decide how to move forward.