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Is taking drugs at college “just a bit of fun?”

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | College Student Criminal Defense

Drugs are common in colleges. A recent study found that 45% of all college students took illegal substances, and many students (and their parents) might consider a little experimentation with drugs at college a rite of passage.

However, the state of Georgia does not see it that way.

What are the potential consequences of drug use at college?

Here are some of the ways drugs and drug charges can affect your life:

  • You could fail college: Consuming drugs will not help you to study and achieve the grades you need. Many so-called recreational drugs can cause significant disruptions in your ability to function — just like drinking. Drugs can affect your ability to concentrate, which is not ideal when studying for an exam.
  • You could lose your place at college: Aside from any police charges if you’re caught with drugs, the college may also take action against you. They could suspend or terminate your attendance at the school.
  • You could get fined: Money is incredibly tight at college. A fine would be a considerable extra burden that could negatively affect your ability to afford other essentials.
  • You could go to jail: Whether a night in a cell or much longer, spending time behind bars is not a life experience you need.
  • You could have a criminal record: When you apply for jobs, employers will seek background checks on you. A criminal record will show up in these and negatively affect your prospects. You could also have trouble securing a professional license.
  • You could damage your health: Drugs affect people in different ways. Many people have lost their lives or suffered long-term addiction or psychiatric problems due to illegal substance use. Just because another person took the same drug without any apparent problems does not mean you can.

It can be easy to view drug-taking as having a bit of fun. However, facing drug charges at college will be anything but fun.