Helping You Move Forward After An Accident Or Arrest

The help you need to get back to work

by | May 22, 2019 | Firm News

A work injury can be devastating. In addition to the physical injuries you may experience, you may also find that you are having trouble making ends meet and paying your medical bills. Workers’ compensation benefits exist to help workers deal with these types of financial issues after a work accident.

If you experienced an injury on the job, you are likely eligible for these benefits. They will provide you with coverage of your medical bills, recompense for a portion of any lost wages and even help you get back to work. It is in your interests not to overlook any of the support available to you, ensuring you maximize the benefits you may be able to receive through your claim.

Rehabilitation benefits available to you

Injured workers often have a difficult time reentering the workforce for various reasons. Whether you have physical limitations, need accommodations or will need to find a new job, you can take advantage of the rehabilitation benefits that could be available to you through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Rehabilitation benefits may include the following

  • Job search assistance
  • Help getting your resume up to date
  • On-the-job training
  • Assistance getting the accommodations you need
  • Help with obtaining additional education or covering tuition for school
  • Help honing your interview skills
  • Job analysis and wage assessment

These are some of the things you may have access to that can help you reenter the workforce. This is not an easy transition, especially after a difficult injury and lengthy recovery, and rehabilitation benefits can help you move forward and get back to work with confidence. 

After a work injury, you may want to take steps to ensure that you are getting the full amount of benefits you need after a work accident. An assessment of your case can help you understand what benefits you may be able to get.

Your recovery starts now

After a work accident, you have the right seek benefits through a workers’ compensation claim. You may want to work with an experienced Georgia attorney who understands the claims system and who can help you get the benefits you need for a full and fair recovery.

Starting with your initial claim, you may benefit from having experienced guidance. This will help you effectively navigate the process, avoid missteps and ensure you get all of the benefits you need to get better after a work injury or the onset of an occupational illness.