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Don’t let peer pressure lead to criminal charges

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | College Student Criminal Defense

Many college students who wind up facing criminal charges express a level of regret not just that they broke the law, but that they allowed someone else to convince them to do so. They gave in to peer pressure, and now they’re worried about how it is going to impact the rest of their lives. 

Peer pressure has long been linked to criminal activity, and that is by no means a thing of the past for a college student. People traditionally associate peer pressure more with middle school and high school students, casting college students as adults who make their own choices — but is that really accurate?

The pressure to fit in can follow young adults pretty far

For many college students, there is tremendous pressure to “fit in.” They’re living in a new place, without their parents or childhood friends. They’ve lost that support system and social network. They want to recreate it by growing closer to the students around them. This is a very natural reaction. Human beings are social and we all crave some level of acceptance from our peers. 

Unfortunately, that can lead to mistakes in college:

  • The freshman who goes to a party with upperclassmen and decides to drink, despite being 19 years old
  • The student who goes to a local music festival and decides to use illegal drugs
  • The student who vandalizes the school as an act of supposed anarchy or just to have a good time because it’s boring living in the dorms.

These are just a few examples of how peer pressure can end up leading to criminal charges for college students.

Exploring the legal options for college students accused of crimes

If you are a parent whose child is now facing charges due to peer pressure, you need to know what defense options they have. Working with an experienced, aggressive defense attorney is wise.